Welcome to Tageos.

Matthieu Picon

At Tageos, it’s all about RFID inlays and tags – because, when it comes to reliable product digitization, so much depends on them.

Digitization, and its related digital transformation, is relevant to most if not all businesses worldwide. And for the majority, digitizing their branded products and many other “physical items” is really a key factor. To assign a secure digital identity to virtually any item, RFID has proven over many years to be a key enabling technology, with RFID inlays and tags being directly attached to or embedded into these items. RFID products don’t require any line of sight, are highly secure, and are consequently playing an increasingly important role for the digitization of businesses.

Today more than ever, RFID inlays and tags deserve to enjoy an undivided amount of attention – which is exactly what we at Tageos do every day: Focus solely on providing the most innovative, high-performance and truly sustainable RFID products for our customers. In other words: Just RFID inlays and tags. Just better.

That has been our mission since we started Tageos back in 2007. Now, it’s time to re-emphasize it and take things to the next level – with our new corporate design and branding plus a totally new website that, hopefully, speak for themselves. We’ve also now incorporated a product selector so it’s easy and straightforward for you to find our products and our people.

Welcome to a world where it’s all about RFID inlays and tags. Welcome to Tageos!

Matthieu Picon
CEO & Co-Founder