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Tageos offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance, premium-quality RFID inlays and tags in UHF (RAIN RFID) and HF (NFC) frequency bands, as well as battery-free RAIN RFID sensor inlays and tags. All our innovative products are designed to provide the highest product performance, minimize waste and avoid the use of plastics and glue wherever possible – reducing materials use and costs. Leveraging our in-house expertise in smart antenna design and RFID technology, and thoroughly tested to industry-leading quality standards, our RFID products suit a wide array of businesses, applications, and conditions.

Focus on sustainability

From the very beginning, our RFID inlays and tags minimized waste and the use of plastics and adhesives. We continue to follow our ambition to supply truly sustainable products with 100% commitment to the highest ecological values – with zero tolerance. All our inlays and tags, and especially the paper-based versions that form part of our EOS Zero™ product family, are the most innovative way to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact.

Ready to use, prepared for customization

Our RFID products roll off our machines as ready-to-use inlays and tags in a broad variety of form factors such as dry, wet, and paper-face – unlike other products on the market, which are based on inlays with additional layers and require conversion into paper labels at a later stage in the process. Tageos inlays and tags are ready to be encoded, printed, and attached to the product you want to digitize – whether it be clothing, jewelry, healthcare, logistics, or any other product or asset.

And in case our portfolio doesn’t yet include the perfect RFID product match for your specific needs, there is a smooth and easy solution at hand. With R&D, manufacturing, and quality control literally under one roof, we can quickly react to your individual requirements and offer customized RFID inlays and tags that will meet your particular demands.

Simply choose the best way to find the best RFID product that suits your needs: Take a closer look at our comprehensive portfolio, explore our product selector or contact our sales team for more information!

RAIN RFID (UHF) products

Providing a read range of up to 10 meters or 30 feet, RAIN RFID inlays and tags are particularly suitable for a multitude of track & trace type applications. Our products are certified by the world’s leading RFID labs and optimized for use in the 860 to 960 MHz bands, covering all geographical standards and areas.

HF and NFC products

Compatible with hundreds of millions of contactless cards and readers (e.g., smartphones) deployed worldwide, our HF and NFC inlays open up new and unimagined ways of interaction between businesses and consumers for enhanced customer experience and loyalty – while providing the high quality and performance our products are known for.

Customized products

If our portfolio doesn’t include the perfect RFID product for your specific needs, a solution is at hand. With R&D, manufacturing and quality control literally under one roof, Tageos can quickly react even to urgent demands and customize inlays and tags to meet the most specific needs.