Reliable Support for Branded Product Manufacturers or Retailers

The future of retail starts with product digitization – which starts with Tageos RFID inlays and tags.

As a brand owner, branded product manufacturer or retailer engaged with RFID technology and the important role it has in the future of retail, you know what really matters – it’s the performance, quality and reliability of the RFID inlays and tags used in the products you already sell. Superior RAIN RFID and NFC inlays and tags from Tageos are the reliable and secure basis for product digitization, enabling the wide array of applications that support supply-chain transparency and efficiency, improve traceability, reduce labor, and enhance consumer experience and satisfaction. Expertly deployed together with our customers and market partners, our RFID products have proven their exceptional suitability for retailers and retail-related businesses.

Making Future Retail Available Today

The retail industry faces strong development needs – on top of a promising but challenging future that counts on innovative RFID products for many applications. No matter what use case you could think of, Tageos is your partner of choice for making future retail available today, due to its product quality, price/performance ratio and delivery reliability at high volumes.

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