Reasons to Switch

At a Glance: Reasons to Switch to Tageos

All inlays and inlay providers are NOT equal – here’s why

Savings by design

Thanks to our groundbreaking designs, Tageos provides a comprehensive and flexible portfolio of paper-based and PET-based, ready-to-use, passive RFID inlays and tags that have extra protection on each inlay without any additional layers. They match and exceed the performance of inlays that use additional PET layers as standard.

Lean manufacturing

Our engineers worked for years to develop premium design and lean manufacturing processes, which successfully deliver innovative, high-performance products throughout the production process and supply chain – at competitive prices.

Everything under one roof

Thanks to a big rethink on how to best make our labels, we develop and manufacture in one single integrated process, with a strong and ambitious in-house team of experts. Our biggest location today is, by the way, the RFID industry’s only manufacturing site in the EMEA region.

Extensive customization options

Leveraging its design and process philosophy, Tageos can provide an exemplary degree of product customization.

Industry-leading quality

Tageos is one of the very few inlay manufacturers to have received ARC Quality Certification from Auburn University’s RFID Lab for the design and manufacture of RFID inlays and tags. This certification complements ISO certification, and benchmarks all aspects of an RFID supplier's operations. In addition, our main RAIN RFID inlays have been individually approved by Auburn University RFID Lab's ARC Program and EECC.

Ready to use

The world’s top vendors of printer encoders, such as Zebra Technologies™, Toshiba™, Sato™ and Printronix™ have certified our ready-to-use labels.

Tamper-proof by design

With no plastic layer incorporated, our 100% paper-based RFID inlays can easily be torn, making them ideal for anti-tampering applications such as healthcare and retail.

Less waste, more sustainability

Our latest sustainable product family, Tageos Zero RFID inlays and tags, conserve resources and cause significantly less waste than most competitive products. Zero Base, Zero PLUS and Zero MAX inlays are characterized by further improved sustainability.

Scalable production

We have the production capacity to meet the demand for hundreds of millions of labels per year, and as we continue to grow rapidly, we can scale up within weeks to flexibly meet the highest customer demands.