Technology & Innovation

Innovation is a Part of Our DNA

RFID inlays and tags rebuilt from the ground up

Tageos was founded in 2007 with a clear goal in mind: To rethink and build RFID inlays and tags that combine superior performance with true sustainability at very competitive prices. Backed by a large portfolio of patents and patent applications for RFID inlay technology and manufacturing processes, we have set standards for the RFID industry ever since.

Innovative engineering

At Tageos, our highly qualified and trusted engineers continue to drive the latest RFID technology and innovation. Thanks to our strong expertise in smart antenna design and RFID technology and manufacturing, Tageos has pioneered 100% paper-based RFID inlays in the global RFID marketplace. And continuing to raise the bar, our engineers are working hard to anticipate and fulfill your future needs, designing the best-in-class RFID inlays of tomorrow, today!

Reliable manufacturing

Integral to our success story is our deep manufacturing know-how. Our teams are emblematic of the emphasis Tageos places on quality and guarantee our best-in-class manufacturing practices and processes. 100% of our products are tested before they leave our plants, providing a 99.8% average production yield rate.

A passion for sustainability

Sustainability has become more than fashionable, and not only within the RFID industry – a valid trend that many will want to join, for good reasons. Tageos’ landmark product, the 100% paper-based RFID inlay, carries sustainability in its DNA – and is now a strong basis for what can be considered the RFID industry’s most sustainable portfolio: the company's EOS Tageos Zero™ product family.