Inlays and Tags from A to Z

Our range of superior quality RAIN RFID (UHF), NFC and HF products

If product digitization is your goal, Tageos is the way to go since we offer the best options.

We produce an extensive range of ready-to-use RAIN RFID, NFC and HF inlays and tags optimized for digitizing physical items of all shapes, materials, and sizes. Our battery-free RAIN RFID sensing inlays monitor a wide variety of critical environmental conditions such as temperature, ambient light, and mechanical strain. Our EOS Zero™ inlays and tags redefine the sustainability of RFID products from the ground up.

All our products are certified by the world’s leading RFID labs, and compliant with all major global standards as defined by FCC or ETSI, enabling truly global RFID deployment.

RAIN RFID (UHF) products

Providing a read range of up to 10 meters or 30 feet, RAIN RFID inlays and tags are particularly suitable for “track & trace” applications in many segments. Our products are optimized for use in the 860-960 MHz bands, covering all geographical standards and areas to simplify worldwide RFID deployments.

NFC and HF products

Optimized for very short read ranges and compatible with a large number of contactless cards and readers (e.g., most smartphones), when deployed globally our HF and NFC inlays and tags open up new and unimagined ways of direct interaction between businesses, branded products and consumers for enhanced product authentication, customer experience and customer loyalty.

Sensor products

Our battery-free RAIN RFID sensor inlays and tags excel in specific applications that require the monitoring of environmental conditions such as temperature, ambient light, and mechanical strain. Very cost-efficient and easy to implement, these inlays greatly expand the scope of options for businesses to utilize RFID for environmental and condition monitoring applications.

EOS Zero™

Sustainability has always been part of Tageos’ DNA. Our product family EOS Zero provides a wide range of industry-leading, 100% paper-based, low carbon footprint and easy recyclable RFID inlays and tags. Today available as Zero Base, Zero Plus, and Zero Max versions, these innovative and high-quality products enable new levels of sustainability for many applications.

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