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If Digitization is Your Future, Our RFID Inlays and Tags Can Get You There!

Countless businesses benefit from digitization. They can all count on Tageos’ RFID inlays and tags.

Digitization is driving all industries worldwide, and product digitization affects a large number of them. Tageos provides the RFID technology that forms the central pillar for reliable and secure product digitization.

From retail apparel to industrial manufacturing, automotive, aviation, logistics, healthcare & pharma, retail food and many more segments – we offer a broad variety of innovative, high-performance RFID inlays and tags for your specific needs.

Our RFID products form an integral part of a multitude of applications and IoT solutions such as product authentication, anti-counterfeiting, track & trace, inventory management, supply-chain transparency, enhanced consumer experiences, and many more.

Dedicated to customer and market partnerships

For maximum benefit, these RFID-based IoT solutions require three core elements. First, intimate industry and process knowledge. Second, maximum data and software expertise; and third, the best possible hardware including RFID inlays and tags that give products a highly secure digital identity.

Tageos is focused on partnering with world leaders in each industry’s knowledge base and software expertise – and on providing the best possible hardware: RFID inlays and tags that have proven their high suitability for many segments and application areas worldwide.

On top of that, Tageos is an active member and participant in a broad variety of key industry associations, driving important standardization and quality assurance initiatives, and fostering the usage of RFID and product digitization technology across all sectors.

Serving retail segments…

As a leading provider of RFID and NFC inlays for product digitization, Tageos is well prepared to offer the most suitable products for many retail applications such as apparel and footwear, jewelry and accessories, and food & beverage to satisfy retailers, brand owners and branded product manufacturers.

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…and industrial sectors.

Rooted in industrial manufacturing and experienced in designing industry-grade RAIN RFID inlays, Tageos is a partner of choice for a wide array of industry applications such as automotive, aviation, industry 4.0 and logistics, as well as healthcare & pharma.

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Customers and market partners…

Providing the best possible solution for all end customers globally requires and facilitates mutually beneficial collaboration with trusted customers and market partners, such as system integrators, converters and service bureaus. They know from experience that they can count on Tageos.

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