Custom Services

Your Requirements Are Our Benchmark

A product range as diverse as our customers

Tageos® offers a comprehensive range of RFID inlays and tags to suit your product digitization needs. Leveraging our highly flexible and efficient manufacturing processes, we can produce your labels or tags with the branding options of your choice and adjust design, shapes, sizes and form factors according to you needs.

In case your application calls for more extensive customization, our engineers are ready to develop new inlays with needs-oriented antenna designs and alternative ICs – as is our manufacturing team to produce the required volumes of your tailor-made products.

Excellence from invention to inlay – under one roof

Tageos is focused on providing innovative, high-quality RAIN/UHF and NFC/HF inlays and tags.

In doing so, we do not limit ourselves – instead, we embrace the challenges and opportunities that are presented by this technology. As a consequence, we built our business with everything – R&D, manufacturing, and quality control – under one roof to achieve maximum quality, efficiency and performance, which we share with our customers.

In-house design

We have a complete range of RFID inlays and tags to suit your needs. But if you have specific requirements, our engineers are available to make sure they’re met.

Lean manufacturing

Tageos has highly efficient and established RFID inlay production processes. We’ve integrated all the steps to manufacture our ready-to-use inlays and tags in one single production process.

Quality control

All our products are individually tested at the end of the manufacturing process. Confirmed by the universally recognized ARC Quality Certification from the Auburn University RFID Lab for the design and manufacture of RFID inlays, on top of many ARC Program product approvals, and being ISO-9001-2015 certified, we pride ourselves on best-in-class product quality and performance, confirmed by a yield rate of at least 99%.

Ready to use

Our labels roll off our machines as ready-to-use adhesive paper- and PET-based inlays and tags – unlike other products on the market that are based on costly plastic inlays which are later converted into paper labels.

In short, a Tageos RFID inlay is ready to be encoded, printed, and attached to the item you want to digitize – whether apparel, jewelry, healthcare, cosmetics, or any other asset