Tageos Launches New RAIN RFID Inlays for Industrial Applications

The launch of the two new inlays marks the start of a new range of products based on the latest generation of NXP’s high-memory RAIN RFID IC series. UCODE 7xm is well suited to applications that require high read range as well as extended user memory. With a compact antenna size of 70 x 10 mm (2.756 x 0.394 in), the EOS-400 U7xm is particularly suited to asset tracking and supply-chain applications, while the EOS-500 U7xm, at 94 x 24 mm (3.701 x 0.945 in) trades off some compactness for superior performance on demanding surfaces such as glass.

Extended memory and high performance for demanding applications

The specific features of both new RAIN RFID products facilitate their use in demanding applications such as part tracking, spare parts management as well as clinical patient management. The EOS-400 U7xm and the EOS-500 U7xm inlays feature aluminum antennas, clear plastic substrates and solvent-free, permanent acrylic adhesives. They comply with the EPC Class 1 Gen 2 protocol and the ISO 18000-6c standard for global use and are available as dry or wet inlays in high volumes as of now.

These high-performance products underline the company’s commitment to deliver high-quality RFID inlays, which was further confirmed by the company’s recent award of ARC Quality Certification for the design and manufacture of its RFID inlays and tags.

“The introduction of our two new EOS-400 U7xm and EOS-500 U7xm RAIN RFID inlays will further help to drive and strengthen our product portfolio. They underline our position as a leading, global supplier of a broad range of RFID products that meet specific customer needs in new and established markets such as logistics, industrial manufacturing as well as healthcare and aerospace,” said Chris Reese, Head of Product Management at Tageos.

“NXP’s UCODE 7xm RAIN RFID ICs combine long read ranges with the ability to store comprehensive data sets“, says Mahdi Mekic, Marketing Director for RAIN RFID at NXP. “Designed into Tageos’ new RFID inlays, our offering helps advance industrial and inventory management applications through increased performance and flexible, high capacity user memory.“

About Tageos:

Tageos is a global market leader in the design and manufacturing of RFID inlays and tags. The company provides a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality, innovative RAIN RFID (UHF), NFC and HF products, enabling customers such as retailers, brand owners and industrial manufacturers to identify, authenticate, track and trace, and complement their product offerings in a wide range of applications and markets. Tageos is ISO 9001-2015 certified and has received ARC Quality Certification from Auburn University’s RFID Lab for the design and manufacturing of its RFID inlays and tags. Tageos is headquartered in Montpellier, France, with offices, sales, R&D and operations in Germany, USA, Hong Kong and China. For more information, visit www.tageos.com.

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