“Contactless” Expertise for Electronics Manufacturers

Integrating contactless technologies like RFID and NFC offers huge opportunities to makers and vendors of many electronic devices - from machine controls to smartphones to kitchen appliances. With its new “Engineering-as-a-Service” expertise, Tageos is the right partner for such developments, and beyond.

It’s no secret that Tageos is a global leader in the RFID industry - reflected in the high performance and premium quality of its inlays and tags. As part of the continued growth and expansion of its R&D and Product Development department, the company now offers developers and suppliers of electronic devices its new and expanded expertise in integrating contactless technologies into their products.

Expanding into the NFC world as an industry differentiator

RFID and especially NFC enable a variety of solutions that empower electronic device manufacturers to differentiate themselves from the competition. NFC-assisted Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing of accessories like speakers, headphones, printers, or wireless chargers to PCs, tablets, and smartphones is just one example. Instead of navigating through complex menus, users can simply tap the accessory on their NFC-enabled device, and the NFC signal will automatically establish a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Setting up smart home devices, such as smart lights, thermostats, or security cameras, can also be streamlined with NFC. Tapping the device to an NFC tag or using an NFC-enabled smartphone can initiate the setup process, automatically transferring configuration settings and connecting to the home network.

NFC can also be used to store and transfer user-specific settings and profiles. For example, in a car application NFC can store individual driver preferences (seat position, mirror settings, radio presets), which can be automatically applied when the driver’s phone or key fob is detected. In general, NFC allows accessories to provide dynamic interactions with electronic devices of all types based on proximity.

In each case, the interaction is enabled by the integration of RF transmitting and receiving components - a reader, in RFID terminology - in the device and the integration of an NFC inlay in the accessory. Tageos' newly added "Engineering-as-a-Service" includes feasibility studies, hardware and software development, testing, prototyping, and finally the production ramp-up of the required components of both the reader (in the device) and the inlay (in the accessory) in the customer's factory. All of this is done in close collaboration with the customer and supported by comprehensive technical project consulting provided by the Tageos team.

Rely on Tageos for your success

To provide these services successfully and with the highest level of know-how and credibility, Tageos continues to expand its existing, long-standing RFID and NFC expertise based in Montpellier, France to further regions. Another key element for success is experience and competent leadership. That is why Tageos keeps attracting top talent in the industry: Hector Gomez, an industry veteran with more than 15 years of experience, joined the company at the end of 2023 as Vice President, NFC Business Development. One main part of his responsibility is to enable Tageos to offer a new level of engineering services, which were presented to the public for the first time at RFID Journal LIVE! 2024. Together, the team is fully committed to “drive Tageos' NFC and HF development to new levels and provide customers with exceptional innovations and unparalleled services". And Hector’s international team of specialists is already delivering on that promise.

If you are in the electronics industry and are wondering how integrating contactless technology into electronic devices can help your business to gain momentum and succeed, don't hesitate to contact our team today: https://www.tageos.com/en/get-in-touch/sales-team.html

At a glance: Engineering-as-a-Service from Tageos

  • Design and development of “contactless” components
  • Quick and on-demand prototyping
  • Customer feasibility studies
  • Software development (encoding recipes, APKs, APIs, GUIs)
  • HF reader design and consulting
  • Implementation support for end-customer factories
  • Technical project consulting