Food & Groceries

Providing a Fresh Approach to Food Retailing

Tageos RFID inlays and tags enable touchless shopping and reliable traceability

Today, food retailers are facing major challenges that may not be caused by the pandemic but for sure are amplified by it: extra pressure in their supply chains and an increasing demand for providing socially distant “touchless” shopping opportunities. Furthermore, consumers want to know details about the food they eat, its origins, ingredients, and journey “from source to shelf”.

High-quality and high-performance RFID inlays and tags from Tageos provide a cost-effective way to answer these challenges, by laying a solid foundation for solutions that enable and enhance:

  • supply-chain optimization and transparency
  • inventory accuracy and loss prevention
  • fast item-level readability and tagging
  • seamless product and ingredient tracking & tracing
  • consumer information (NFC-based)
  • enhanced consumer engagement and loyalty
  • ‘scan and go’ cashless self-checkout

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Making Future Retail Available Today

The retail industry faces strong development needs – on top of a promising but challenging future that counts on innovative RFID products for many applications. No matter what use case you could think of, Tageos is your partner of choice for making future retail available today, due to its product quality, price/performance ratio and delivery reliability at high volumes.

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