Making Future Retail Available Today

Making Future Retail Available Today
A young woman with shopping bags

The retail industry faces strong development needs – on top of a promising but challenging future that counts on innovative RFID products for many applications. No matter what use case you could think of, Tageos is your partner of choice for making future retail available today, due to its product quality, price/performance ratio and delivery reliability at high volumes:

Inventory accuracy

A physical shopping experience continues to be very attractive – and will be even more so once shoppers can fully rely on store inventory accuracy and transparency, and ultimately, highly reliable product availability, smooth return processing and reduced out-of-stock and overstocks – all of which are enabled by RFID technology.

Omnichannel retail

Based on their fully reliable inventory accuracy and transparency, most brick & mortar stores today offer additional online sales channels to fully leverage their potential in response to any consumer demand – be it online or offline, or in combination.

Brand protection

RFID-based product authentication is a key factor to combat counterfeiting or grey and diversion markets that are threats to brand owners, retailers and consumers alike.

Consumer experiences

Let your – digitized– products do the talking! NFC opens up all-new communication channels to connect your products with your customers and engage with them in undreamt-of ways.