The Dragon Has Awoken

The Dragon has Awoken

On 9 November 2023, Tageos formally inaugurated its comprehensive manufacturing site in Guangzhou, China. With an initial production capacity of over 1 billion RFID inlays and tags per year, this is a major milestone in the company's strategy to expand its global manufacturing capacities.

It all began with a firm commitment reflected in a press release published back in February 2023: “Tageos has announced plans to expand its global manufacturing capacities by creating two new facilities in Guangzhou (China) and Fletcher, NC (USA), as integral parts of its global growth and sustainability strategy.” Now, things have culminated in a vibrant, exciting and engaging grand opening event.

As planned, Tageos RFID (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd. in Guangzhou was the first facility to open its doors – with a spectacular opening ceremony featuring a select number of guests from the local, regional and national authorities; a wide variety of supporting companies such as the Fedrigoni Group; senior Tageos management; and of course all Tageos personnel in Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

After a warm welcome to all guests, Waiweng Choy, Managing Director of Tageos in Guangzhou, Peter Helis, Chief Advisor Guangzhou Huangpu Development District, Fedrigoni Group's Transformation Officer Antonio Linardi, and Tageos’ CEO Matthieu Picon addressed the audience.

This was followed by a colorful program that included spectacular performances by drummers and the traditional and impressive Chinese “Lion Dance”, which brings good fortune. The entertainment program was rounded off with a performance delivered by the “Pipa and Guzheng Ensemble”, followed by a factory tour and great opportunities for informal networking.

Starting with some 50 employees and an annual production capacity of more than 1 billion RFID inlays and tags

With the completion of the event, Tageos' Guangzhou plant is now ready to begin operating its planned production lines in China, as part of the company's growth strategy and expansion. Starting with some 50 employees and an annual production capacity of more than 1 billion RFID inlays and tags, the new plant in Guangzhou is expected to produce an ever-increasing number of products at the highest quality with maximum efficiency in the coming years. Tageos will continue to deliver on its promise as the completion of the second new plant in Fletcher, US, is on track and under way to follow suit with an opening date in the first part of next year 2024.

On track for double-digit growth rates with billions of RFID inlays and tags

With the launch of the two new sites and the simultaneous expansion of production capacity at its headquarters in Montpellier (France), Tageos’ total production capacity will increase to more than 8 billion inlays per year in 2024. It is expected to grow further, beyond 15 billion products by 2025, distributed across all continents. As all sites are primarily intended to serve customers in their respective regions, regional but also global demand will of course play a role in determining production allocations to support the most sustainable supply chains.

At the ceremony, Matthieu Picon shared his joy and excitement with all the guests: “This first of two new Tageos sites is a big step forward for us in our drive to get even closer to our customers in the regions, and to further support them with fast, highly efficient and sustainable delivery capabilities for high-performance products, alongside improved customer service. ”

At a glance: the Tageos Guangzhou site in figures

Address: Tageos RFID (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd. - Room 101, Building 9 . No. 39 Nan Yun San Road . Science City . Huangpu District . Guangzhou . Guangdong province . China

Annual production capacity: > 1 billion RFID inlays and tags in 2023

Floor space: 5000 m²

Staff: 50+ in 2023