Appropriate Answers to Industrial Requirements

Fostering Industry 4.0 – whatever industry you’re in.

If RFID tags have to meet a wide range of requirements in the retail sector, this is even more true in industrial applications. Yet there is one thing that aviation and automotive, healthcare & pharma, and logistics have in common: For all these segments, RFID is an essential element and the initial enabler for the digital transformation – Industry 4.0. Supporting all businesses within these segments, Tageos provides a wide range of superior quality and high-performance RAIN RFID and NFC products for a broad variety of industrial requirements – or we simply customize the product you need.

Expertly deployed together with our customers and market partners, our RFID products have proven their exceptional suitability for diverse industry segments.

Boosting Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Efficiency

Finally, in the era of the pandemic, healthcare systems are receiving a great deal of attention. By enabling higher inventory accuracy, more secure pharmaceutical product authentication, improved patient experiences and many other advantages, RFID technology has a lot to contribute. That makes Tageos your partner of choice for innovative, high-performance RFID inlay and tags that boost efficiency all the way through your business.

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Transforming Industries and Enabling Fail-Safe Supply Chains

For many businesses, RFID technology is still somewhat associated with the retail world of commerce. Yet it’s thanks to RFID and its secure and reliable track & trace capabilities that vital industrial supply chains are already fully transparent today, even under the toughest production demands or pandemic-induced stress.

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Tageos Joins DoseID to Further Expand RFID Interoperability in Healthcare

Montpellier, France (October 28, 2020) – First-of-its-kind consortium made up of healthcare industry leaders aims to establish standards for RFID use

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