Appropriate Answers to Industrial Requirements

Fostering Industry 4.0 – whatever industry you’re in.

If RFID tags have to meet a wide range of requirements in the retail sector, this is even more true in industrial applications. Yet there is one thing that aviation and automotive, healthcare & pharma, and logistics have in common: For all these segments, RFID is an essential element and the initial enabler for the digital transformation – Industry 4.0. Supporting all businesses within these segments, Tageos provides a wide range of superior quality and high-performance RAIN RFID and NFC products for a broad variety of industrial requirements – or we simply customize the product you need.

Expertly deployed together with our customers and market partners, our RFID products have proven their exceptional suitability for diverse industry segments.

Tageos Launches Market’s Smallest ARC-approved Baggage Tracking Inlays

Montpellier (France), February 2, 2022 – Against the backdrop of re-emerging momentum in the aviation industry and the rollout of RFID inlays in aviation baggage tracking, Tageos today announced the market’s smallest dedicated IATA resolution-compliant RAIN RFID products, and the first Impinj M700-based inlays with ARC Spec U certification.

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Boosting Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Efficiency

Finally, in the era of the pandemic, healthcare systems are receiving a great deal of attention. By enabling higher inventory accuracy and visibility, effectively fighting supply chain weaknesses, closing the patient connectivity gap, and providing additional advantages, RFID technology has a lot to contribute to making these systems more efficient and resilient.

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Transforming Industries and Enabling Fail-Safe Supply Chains

For many businesses, RFID technology is still somewhat associated with the retail world of commerce. Yet it’s thanks to RFID and its secure and reliable track & trace capabilities that vital industrial supply chains are already fully transparent today, even under the toughest production demands or pandemic-induced stress.

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