Transforming Industries and Enabling Fail-Safe Supply Chains

Transforming Industries and Enabling Fail-Safe Supply Chains
A bird's eye view of a container port

For many businesses, RFID technology is still somewhat associated with the retail world of commerce. Yet it’s thanks to RFID and its secure and reliable track & trace capabilities that vital industrial supply chains are already fully transparent today, even under the toughest production demands or pandemic-induced stress.

RFID-based product digitization helps to infuse digital identities into virtually every item – which is a main pillar of the digital transformation and “Industry 4.0”.

For these two areas Tageos is the partner of choice in reliably providing high volumes of high-quality and innovative RFID inlays and tags for solutions, which make:

  • manufacturing industries highly efficient
  • automotive, aviation and many other segments truly smart
  • supply chains and logistics more resilient, and
  • businesses of all kinds more future-proof.