Healthcare & Pharma

Supporting Society’s Most Vital Industry

Tageos’ RFID inlays and tags help strengthen the healthcare & pharmaceutical systems.

The use of RFID technology in the healthcare & pharma segment is experiencing significant growth – lately accelerated by COVID19-related pressures on the entire healthcare system.


As a member of DoseID, the first member-driven industry consortium for the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in the healthcare space, Tageos is driving the deployment of RFID, providing high-quality and high-performance inlays and tags that provide tailored, cost-effective solutions for:

  • inventory accuracy and traceability
  • tracking & tracing of pharmaceuticals and instruments
  • authentication of pharmaceutical products
  • product recall management
  • fostering anti-counterfeiting and, ultimately, drug safety
  • improving patient experience and safety
  • adherence to regulatory and compliance standards

Meanwhile, Tageos establishes a line of healthcare-optimized products, starting with the new EOS-202 U9 RAIN RFID inlay. It features the smallest size available today for healthcare and pharmaceutical markets, and has Auburn University RFID Lab ARC Spec S approval for all currently tested ideal article types (as of August 2021). The EOS-202 U9 inlay is hence certified by DoseID for being suitable for a broad range of pharmaceutical and healthcare applications.

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Boosting Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Efficiency

Finally, in the era of the pandemic, healthcare systems are receiving a great deal of attention. By enabling higher inventory accuracy and visibility, effectively fighting supply chain weaknesses, closing the patient connectivity gap, and providing additional advantages, RFID technology has a lot to contribute to making these systems more efficient and resilient.

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Tageos Joins DoseID to Further Expand RFID Interoperability in Healthcare

Montpellier, France (October 28, 2020) – First-of-its-kind consortium made up of healthcare industry leaders aims to establish standards for RFID use

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