Ready for Take-off into a New Era

Tageos RFID inlays and tags can do more than just revolutionizing baggage tracking.

Today, due to the ongoing pandemic, the demand for efficiency in baggage handling is obviously not the airline industry’s biggest preoccupation.

However, things will surely change again soon. At that time, the aviation industry’s focus will switch back to the IATA’s decision in June 2019. That was when the International Air Transport Association (IATA) resolved to support the global deployment of radio frequency identification (RFID) for baggage tracking.

Aviation-grade RFID inlays and tags from Tageos are the perfect building blocks of solutions for smarter, more efficient and passenger-friendly baggage-tracking operations. In full compliance with IATA regulations, our high-quality and high-performance RFID products offer a cost-effective means of achieving:

  • significantly improved baggage tag read rates (up to 99.9%!)
  • accelerated scanning, verification and loading processes
  • increased efficiency and system throughput
  • reduced employee injury rates
  • lower mishandling rates and reduced IROPs recovery cost
  • product authentication and brand protection
  • enhanced consumer experiences and loyalty
  • adherence to regulatory and compliance standards

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