Tageos Launches First ARC-certified Retail “Next-Gen” RAIN RFID Inlays powered by Impinj M700 IC Series

The company’s latest RAIN RFID inlays feature its proven inlay designs and fully leverage the capabilities of the Impinj M700 series chips, making the new inlays and tags particularly suited to challenging retail apparel and retail supply chain applications, while supporting Tageos’ overall mission to provide innovative, high-quality and truly sustainable products to customers worldwide.

High-performance ICs with maximum security and proven inlay designs

The new EOS-300 M730 and M750 inlays improve on the performance of the original, compact EOS-300 design (finished size 54 x 34 mm / 2.13 x 1.34 in), optimized for retail apparel applications. The company’s new inlays EOS-430 M730 and M750 are based on the proven slim EOS-430 design (74 x 12 mm / 2.913 x 0.472 in). All these inlays and tags are also available with several options from the Impinj Monza R6 IC series, as well as with NXP’s UCODE 8 ICs.

Tageos’ new RAIN RFID inlays and tags feature aluminum antennas, clear plastic substrates and solvent-free permanent acrylic adhesives. Their innovative design supports the capabilities of Impinj M730 and M750 ICs, providing advanced features such as increased sensitivity and improved readability, which result in fast inventory management capabilities and enable enhanced applications like loss prevention in retail apparel and supply chain environments.

Furthermore, all new products offer important, state-of-the-art data protection features with Impinj Protected Mode, access/kill capability as well as the Gen2v2 short-range mode, which allow customers to take full advantage of the latest RAIN RFID security standards during the omnichannel fulfillment and contactless checkout process. In short, customers can enjoy comprehensive privacy protection during the consumer shopping experience with smooth, receiptless returns.

Tageos’ new EOS-300 and EOS-430 inlays and tags are available with Impinj M730 and M750 ICs. The Impinj M730 has 128-bit EPC memory and the Impinj M750 has 96-bit EPC memory plus 32-bit user memory. Both ICs are compatible with the GS1 UHF Gen2v2 protocol which ISO/IEC standardized as 18000-63.

EOS-300 M730 and EOS-430 M730 type inlays meet the requirements of ARC specifications Q, N, M, G, F, L, J, W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, W6, I, and K, as defined by the Auburn University RFID Lab. This underlines Tageos’ commitment to deliver high-quality products, which was further confirmed by the company’s recent award of ARC Quality Certification for the design and manufacture of its RFID inlays and tags.

“By launching some of the world’s first ARC-certified products based on the groundbreaking Impinj M700 series chips, in close collaboration with Impinj, we are demonstrating our ability to drive market-leading innovation, and to rapidly develop and deliver high-quality products that meet the latest needs of our customers. Based on our well-established product designs and comprehensively qualified by Auburn University RFID Lab, these products offer maximum quality assurance, guaranteeing that customers will enjoy all the potential benefits of our high-performance RFID inlays and tags,” said Chris Reese, Head of Product Management at Tageos.

“We congratulate Tageos for quickly achieving ARC certification in 15 categories,” said Carl Brasek, Vice President of Silicon Product Management at Impinj. “Tageos’ inlay design expertise, combined with the capabilities of the Impinj M700 series of tag chips, delivers high-performance tags that can meet the most challenging retail and supply chain applications.”

The new RAIN RFID inlays and tags will be available in wet inlay delivery format and in larger sample volumes in the coming weeks of Q4 2020.

About Tageos

Tageos is a global market leader in the design and manufacturing of RFID inlays and tags. The company provides a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality, innovative RAIN RFID (UHF), NFC and HF products, enabling customers such as retailers, brand owners and industrial manufacturers to identify, authenticate, track and trace, and complement their product offerings in a wide range of applications and markets. Tageos is ISO 9001-2015 certified and has received ARC Quality Certification from Auburn University’s RFID Lab for the design and manufacturing of its RFID inlays and tags. Tageos is headquartered in Montpellier, France, with offices, sales, R&D and operations in Germany, USA, Hong Kong and China. For more information, visit www.tageos.com.

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