Resilience and Efficiency for Modern Supply Chains

Tageos RFID inlays and tags serve manufacturers, distributors and retailers alike.

Supply-chain optimization is a direct result of RFID deployments in the logistics sector. Items that carry a digital identity enabled by RFID inlays and tags can now much more easily and quickly be made visible and controllable all along the entire supply and value chain.

High-quality and high-performance RFID inlays and tags from Tageos have a huge impact on logistics, from optimizing truck loads and asset management to enhancing overall supply-chain performance and resilience, and ultimately increased margins. Typical solutions based on our cost-effective products comprise:

  • supply-chain management and transparency
  • supply-chain process optimization
  • fast and secure item-level tracking and tracing
  • optimized operational costs
  • effective use of working capital
  • mitigation of security risks
  • adherence to regulatory and compliance standards
  • keeping labor costs down

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