Industrial Manufacturing

Providing the Benefits of Smarter Manufacturing

Tageos RFID inlays and tags help to significantly increase production efficiency.

As with any future-oriented industry, the industrial manufacturing and automotive sectors are constantly looking to improve their manufacturing and logistics processes, with a comprehensive digital transformation – Industry 4.0 – being the overarching goal. In today’s competitive world, this is absolutely necessary.

As a sound and highly efficient basis for digitizing virtually any item within the manufacturing process, high-quality and high-performance RFID inlays and tags from Tageos contribute to achieving that goal. They are important and cost-effective building blocks of solutions for:

  • tracking and tracing of parts, components and material flow
  • inventory visibility and accuracy
  • supply-chain management
  • product finishing and shipments
  • spare parts handling and management
  • product authentication and brand protection

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Transforming Industries and Enabling Fail-Safe Supply Chains

For many businesses, RFID technology is still somewhat associated with the retail world of commerce. Yet it’s thanks to RFID and its secure and reliable track & trace capabilities that vital industrial supply chains are already fully transparent today, even under the toughest production demands or pandemic-induced stress.

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