Driving agility and efficiency

The automotive industry is changing

The fast-paced transformation of the automotive sector will have far-reaching consequences for the entire ecosystem and its complex value chains. Vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers will have to innovate quickly and streamline their manufacturing processes and supply chains for agility, efficiency and robustness.

RFID solutions have become a key enabler for “Industry 4.0”, resulting in a significant increase of supply chain agility and production efficiency. The benefits include enhanced visibility throughout the supply chain, better control of manufacturing processes, as well as secure and effective product counterfeiting and product diversion protection.

Why Tageos for automotive applications?

Our RFID inlays and tags are designed to meet the stringent quality and performance requirements of the automotive industry, while at the same time providing an excellent cost benefit ratio. As a sound and highly efficient basis for digitizing virtually any part, component, transport container or tool within logistics and manufacturing processes, the broad range of our RFID products are important building blocks for enhancing a wide range of applications:

  • Better tracking and tracing of parts, components, containers, pallets, boxes, tools and finished vehicles
  • Higher inventory visibility and accuracy
  • More robust and agile supply chain management
  • Smarter manufacturing and process automation
  • Faster vehicle finishing, storage and distribution management
  • Efficient spare parts handling and management
  • More secure anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion for aftermarket parts

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Tageos and All4Labels collaborate to drive breakthrough in market-ready, highly sustainable RFID inlays

Montpellier, France, and Hamburg, Germany, October 20, 2021 – Tageos, a global leader in high-quality and innovative RFID inlays and tags, and All4Labels, one of the world’s leading label companies and a pioneer in sustainable and digital packaging solutions, today announced their cooperation in the field of highly sustainable RFID inlays and tags.

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Tageos Launches smallest RFID Inlay for Healthcare & Pharma Applications

Montpellier, France, August 25, 2021 – Tageos, a global leader in RFID inlays and tags, today launched its EOS-202 U9 RAIN RFID inlay. With the smallest form factor available today for healthcare and pharmaceutical applications, the new inlay has successfully passed latest tests specified by the Auburn University RFID Lab Spec S. Furthermore, EOS-202 U9 is certified by DoseID as suitable for a broad range of pharmaceutical and healthcare purposes.

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Boosting Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Efficiency

Finally, in the era of the pandemic, healthcare systems are receiving a great deal of attention. By enabling higher inventory accuracy and visibility, effectively fighting supply chain weaknesses, closing the patient connectivity gap, and providing additional advantages, RFID technology has a lot to contribute to making these systems more efficient and resilient.

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